Ain't Nothin' to It - Cody Johnson Lyrics

Same old scenario
One guy's young and one guy's old
One's in love and sittin' on dough
And one's already walked that road
One's on year number 33
And one just bought that diamond ring
One says "Dad, so how'd you do it?"
The other just laughs and says "There ain't nothin' to it"
Just try to quit smokin' and reel back the drinkin'
Don't always tell her everything you're thinkin'
And dance her when she needs dancin'
You get up and go to work, get up and go to church
Crawl up in that bed right next to her and listen
Instead of having all the answers
Then he slapped him on the back and said
"Son, you can breathe, there ain't nothin' to it"
There'll be trouble along the way
Words will fly and dishes break
The baby comes in and money goes out
You will learn to ride the ups and downs
You'll wanna quit a million times
But if you hang on, the years unwind
And when you get to see your blushing bride
Turn beautiful at 35, or 45, or 55
You'll be glad you quit smokin' and reeled back the drinkin'
Didn't always tell her everything you were thinkin'
And danced her when she needed dancin'
You got up and went to work, got up and went to church
Crawled up in that bed right next to her and listened
Instead of having all the answers
It's only love and all of us go through it
And if I had to do it again you know I'd do it
There ain't nothin' to it
No, there ain't nothin' to it

Ain't Nothin' to It Lyrics